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Florida Preferred Property Ins. Co.

Insolvency Date: 
NAIC Number: 
Claim Deadline: 

In accordance with Florida Statutes 95.11 (5)(d) and 631.68 and the liquidation order entered by Leon Circuit Court on May 31, 2006, the deadline for all claims to be settled or suit filed for a claim from the Atlantic Preferred, Florida Preferred Property, or Southern Family insurance companies was June 2, 2008.

You may still file a claim with the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation ("DFS") and FIGA will automatically forward your claim information to the DFS, however, your claim will be classified as "late filed" by the DFS pursuant to Section 631.271, Florida Statues, and a late filed claim has a lower priority class than claims that have been timely filed. You may also contact the DFS at (800) 882-3054 or through their website at: .